2 sunny days

Martina and Peter  are a tourist couple on a vacation to the Croatian coast.

They are both successful people in their best age. Yet, they are both unsatisfied.
They both hope that this, long expected vacation will improve their relationship.
Martina meets an older couple from France, and they suggest mountain trip. Peter is against it, but Martina insists on this portion of adrenaline. Next day it turns out that this mountain excursion is, in fact, hunting trip. But the trouble just begun. The guide Stipe starts flirting with Martina.
She accepts it, because she has missed affection. Peter, who has seemed rather uninterested in his wife, suddenly becomes violent and provokes an accident.
Stipe almost gets killed. Martina is angry, she leaves, and gets lost on the mountain.
Peter looks for her. He finds her on the ground, lying in pain. A snake has bitten her, and she can’t walk. He decides to carry her through the mountain. They get lost. Guide Stipe starts searching for them. He finds them, but furious Peter shots the guide because he is afraid of him.



Film Festivals and awards:

IFF “East&West (Moscow, Russia)
Cinedays 10.-20. Novemeber (Skopje, Makedonija)
27. Warsaw International Film Festival (7.-16.10.2011., Warshaw, Poland)
15.Sofia International Film Festival (March 2011., Sofia, Bulgaria)
39th International film festival- FEST (February 2011., Belgrade, Serbia)
20th Cottbus film festival (November 2010.,Cottbus, Germany)
Eastern Neighbours film festival (October 2010., Utrecht, Nietherlands)
57th Pula film festival (July 2010., Pula, Croatia)

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2010

Directed by: Ognjen Svilićić


Maxima film, Hrvatska radiotelevizija, KinoElektron


Maya Sansa
Bristol Pomeroy
Sylvia Kristel
Leon Lučev
Christian Marin


Producers: Damir Terešak, Vanja Sutlić, Janja Kralj
Screenplay: Ognjen Svilićić
Costumes: Blanka Budak

Distribution: Blitz

Running time: 78'