Antonio and Nikola are inseparable friends who live across the road from each other, and share a love of pyrotechnics and mobile phones.
Their families have been in dispute for years over an easily resolvable problem: the water that flows from the top house to the bottom house.
The boys friendship, as they are about to enter puberty, is put to the test at Christmas time when their families uncover much more dangerous secrets and interests, and the water just carries the hate of the adults to the children.



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Film Festivals and awards:

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2022

Directed by: Josip Žuvan


Maxima Film, Biberche Productions


Franko Floigl
Mauro Ercegović Gracin
Ljubomir Bandović
Zdenko Jelčić
Marija Škaričić
Asja Jovanović
Ivana Roščić


Written and directed by: Josip Žuvan
Produced by: Damir Terešak, Nikolina Vučetić Zečević
Director of photography: Tomislav Sutlar
Editor: Borna Buljević
Sound designers: Zoran Maksimović, Ognjen Popić
Spund recordist: Zoran Maksimović
Original compositions by: Mate Matišić
Art director: Petra Poslek
Costume designer: Katarina Pilić
Key makeup artist: Jasmina Lilić
Casting director: Oriana Kunčić

Distribution: World sales: Wide

Running time: 113'