Film is fiction based upon true events of the main character “Chico”: brought up in Bolivia, a refugee in Scandinavia, employee of a Hungarian secret service for a short time because of his unusual and dynamic spirit and then participator in war in Croatia, who becomes a living legend during the hardest attacks on Eastern Slavonia.

Coming from Hungary to Croatia as a war reporter for a Spanish newspaper, it took him merely few weeks to see that the war is an actual attack on Croatian sovergnity. He takes hold of a gun instead of a camera and joins the defenders in Laslovo where he founds the First International Platoon…


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Film Festivals and awards:

36th Karlovy Vary International film festival - best director, Award of Ecumenical Jury (July 2001. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)
33th Hungaryan Film Week - Grand Prize and best editor (February 2002. Budapest, Hungary)
Hungarian Film Critics Award - Best Director (2003.)
52. Internationales Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg - European award John Templeton for ecumenism (November 2003. Mannheim. Germany)
Ljubljana International film festival - official program (November 2003. Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Chicago International Film Festival - official program (October 2003. Chicago, USA)
9th Los Angeles Film Festival - official program (July 2003. Los Angeles, SAD)
London film festival - official program (October 2003.London, UK)

Genre: War Drama

Year of production: 2001

Directed by: Ibolya Fekete


Maxima Film, Arte, Hunnia Filmstúdió, Roos Film, ZDF


Sasa Anocic
Gyula Bodrogi
András Fésös
Sergio Hernández
Vjekoslav Jankovic
Djordje Kukuljica
Besim Kurti


Producers: Simo Sandor, Dr. Hans Kutnewsky, Damir Terešak, Juan J. Harting
Screenwriter: Ibolya Fekete
Editing: Anna Kornis
Make Up artist: Ernella Hortobágyi
Special effects: Mladen Marković

Distribution: MG Film

Running time: 112'