Don Dynamo

Don Dynamo is based on a true story: the Croatian priest and spy Krunoslav Draganović, whose codename (among many) was Dynamo.
This is a story about a priest who found himself at the crossroads of history and who masterminded, along with the help of the CIA, the Ratlines, through which Nazis were smuggled to South America at the end of WWII.
When Draganović was kidnapped in Trieste in 1967 by members of UDBA, the Yugoslav secret service, a series of mysterious developments unfolded that to date have not been fully explained.
The parallel narrative structure of the story is divided into the present day of the story, which takes place during the interrogations in Yugoslavia in 1967, and flashbacks to significant moments from the priest’s past. This technique mirrors the slippery nature of the truth in this story, and it also allows us to ask – was the priest working for the CIA, or was he a spy for UDBA? Or, was there a long-term political game at play that involved the Vatican and Tito?

Genre: drama
Director: Kristijan Milic
Screenwriter: Jasmina Kallay
Length: 90 min


With the support of the Creative Europe Programme – Media of the European Union