Bosnia, 1995, the 7th day of peace.
The engineer unit is engaged in clearing mine fields on the border between the parties at war.

Each of the soldiers carries his own burden of war experiences and traumas. Some of them are prone to self-destruction, the others are happy to be alive; some become catatonic after what they had been through; some returned to prays, some are making jokes and laughing even indecently; some are dreaming only about getting back to their families.
While some of them, with hands stained in blood and war pray, try to hide themselves.
Just like at the very beginning of the civil war that has just come to its ends, a spark of madness will suffice to start the “perpetuum mobile” of conflicts and violence between the friends.


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Film Festivals and awards:

Cottbus easteurope film festival, November Cottbus Germany
International Film festival Raindance, London, UK, 2011
33. Montpellier nternational Mediterranean film festival (September, CineMed, France)
58. Pula Film Festival, July 2011. Pula Croatia

Genre: War Drama

Year of production: 2002

Directed by: Dejan Zečević


Biberche Productions (Srbija), Maxima film (Croatia), Tivoli films (Hungary), Balkan film (Republika Srpska)


Aleksandar Stojković
Slavko Štimac
Tihomir Stanić
Vuk Kostić


Producers: Nikolina Vučetić, Tihomir Stanić, Denes Szekeres, Damir Terešak
Screenwriter: Djordje Milosavljević, Dejan Zečević (suradnik) i Vladimir Kečmanović (suradnik)
Camera: Dušan Joksimović
Editor: Marko Glusač
Costimography: Lana Pavlović

Distribution: Maxima film

Running time: 109'