Vox populi

Vox populi  is a blend of character comedy and a political satire. The main protagonist Mate Gugić (Draško Zidar) is the newly appointed local government official in the Dalmatian hinterland, whose political activities include getting jobs for his numerous cousins and spending government money on his personal affairs.

Apart from Draško Zidar, the show’s stars include Marijana Mikulić (Mate’s wife), Frano Mašković (Mate’s assistant), Roko Sikavica (Mate’s son) and incredibly funny Mirela Brekalo as Mate’s mother – granny Cvita.


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Genre: Sitcom

Year of production: 2014

Directed by: Dražen Žarkovič

Author: Ognjen Sviličić


Maxima Film for Hrvatska radio-televizija - HRT


Draško Zidar
Frano Mašković
Damir Poljičak
Marijana Mikulić
Roko Sikavica
Mirela Brekalo

Running time: 18 episodes x 30'