New TV show ‘Vox populi’ starts airing on HRT

A new TV show ‘Vox populi’, conceived as a blend of character comedy and political satire, is starting to air on HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision) on Monday, 22 September, after the evening’s TV news.

The show, produced by Maxima Film for HRT (producer Damir Terešak; executive producer Hrvoje Habeković and his team), was written by Ognjen Sviličić and directed by Dražen Žarković.

‘Vox populi’ revolves around the life of Mate Gugić (Draško Zidar), a newly appointed local government official in the Dalmatian hinterland. Mate is a greedily ambitious person, with no college degree or political experience, but he likes to point out that he relies on the “voice of the people” in his political activities. In reality, all he does is attain jobs for his numerous cousins and spend government money for his private affairs.
Apart from Draško Zidar, the show’s stars include Marijana Mikulić (Mate’s wife), Frano Mašković (Mate’s assistant), Roko Sikavica (Mate’s son) and incredibly funny Mirela Brekalo as Mate’s mother – granny Cvita.

‘Vox populi’ will be showing on Mondays on HRT’s first TV channel and the first season will contain 18 episodes.