Am I happy or what?

In Zagreb (Croatia) there is a small hotel where tradition and modern customs meets.
It looks like we entered into peaceful and cozy hotel where you remember chambermaids faces, but nothing is at it seems like it.
Current political and economical situation didn’t bypass this place either. Creating story while observing chambermaids doing their everyday business, capturing real events as they unfold, we enter areas people normally don’t see or are not allowed to see.


video_still_01___Am_I_happy_or_whatvideo_still_02___Am_I_happy_or_whatvideo_still_03___Am_I_happy_or_what video_still_04___Am_I_happy_or_what

Film Festivals and awards:

MIFF 2nd Malatya International Film Festival 2nd Malatya International Film Festival
7. ZagrebDox- Special mention winner (February/March 2011., Zagreb, Croatia)
12. Mediterranean Film Festival (August, 2011., Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Directed by: Vanja Sviličić

Year of production: 2010

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 60'