My Beautiful Country

My Beautiful Country is a story about people in Kosovo in 1999.
It tells about an impossible love, lost childhood and an invisible enemy that keeps claiming its victims long after the war.

Kosovo, 1999, NATO bombs the former Yugoslavian Republic. Young Serbian widow Danica is living with her two sons on the Serbian side of the river Ibar.
When a wounded UCK soldier Ramiz takes refuge in her house, Danica must decide whether to help him or to turn him over to Serbian forces. Nonetheless, she decides to help him, knowing she is endangering both herself and her children.



Film Festivals and awards:

Bavarian Film Awards, 2013 – Best new director (Michaela Kezele)
Montréal World Film Festival, 2012 – Zenith Award nominee
Munich Film Festival, 2012 – Best director and screenwriter nominee

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2012

Directed by: Michaela Kezele


Sperl Productions, Maxima Film, Atalanta


Zrinka Cvitešić
Misel Maticević
Andrija Nikčević
Slavko Štimac


Director and screenwriter: Michaela Kezele
Producers: Gabriela Sperl, Damir Terešak, Miša Mogorović
Director of photography: Felix Novo de Oliveira
Editors: André Bendocchi-Alves, Stine SonneMunch
Composers: GerdBaumann, Martina Eisenreich, Gregor Hübner
Scenography: Kristina Bravo, Bojana Nikolić
Costimography: Ljiljana Petrović

Distribution: 2i Film

Running time: 88'