God forbit greater evil

In the house next to the town cemetery in a small provincial town in the sixties a eleven year old meditative “Frula”, accompanied by the sound of a funeral march and bell cemetery chapel, is starting to grow up.

In the circle incentivefamily, cantankerous father, too caring mother, grandmother opposition, sarcastic sister and superior school friends, Frula has to prove himself and fight for his place.



Genre: Comedy

Year of production: 2003

Directed by: Snježana Tribuson

Author: Goran Tribuson


Maxima film for HRT


Filip Čurić
Luka Dragić
Ivo Gregurević
Mirjana Rogina
Semka Sokolović-Bertok
Goran Navojec
Ozren Martinović
Katarina Fabičević

Running time: 5 episodes x 32'