Going Home

Thirty-five old Nikola comes back home after he had left a year ago, in a quarrel.
His father Vlado and mother Anica came to Germany when they were young, looking for happiness.
In their rush to earn money and hard work they had little time for their family, and the kids suffered from it. Finally, there comes a time to pack and go back to their homeland.
Their dream is to open a hotel on the seaside.
Father wants to make that dream come true in his old days. When Nikola appears at the door one day, the joy is overwhelming at first.
His parents hope this is not just a visit, but the reunion and that they will all go back to Croatia together…


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Film Festivals and awards:

Max Ophuls Festival (January 2004, Saarbrucken, Germany)
Shanghai International Film Festival (June 2004, Shanghai, China)

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2003

Directed by: Damir Lukačević


Maxima film, GAMBIT (executive producer), ZDF


Rade Radović
Mustafa Nadarević
Vlasta Knezović
Carlo Ljubek
Kruno Šarić
Relja Bašić


Screenwriter: Edin H.-Hadžimahović and Damir Lukačević
Producers: Christian Hünemörder and Damir Terešak

Distribution: Maxima film

Running time: 90'