She likes to have things in order, but now it seems time has come to make some order in her own life.
She has a mother, a father, and a sister. And she has a half-sister, her father’s daughter from out of wedlock.
She knows close to nothing about her. She does not even know whether she is her half-sister at all.
Her mother knows a bit more, for she has spoken to her mother about “that”.
Her sister knows something, but she does not want to talk about it. So she wants to find out the truth, and see what the truth brings: to her mother, father, sister, half-sister, and her.


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Film Festivals and awards:

ZagrebDox 2006 (February 2006. Zagreb, Croatia)
15th Days of Croatian Film (April 2006. Zagreb, Croatia)
5th Liburnija Film Festival (August 2006. Ičići, Croatia)
7th Mediteran film festival (September 2006. Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
DokuArt (September 2006. Bjelovar, Croatia

Directed by: Ljiljana Šišmanović

Year of production: 2004

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 24'