The last native Petrović

Family line of Petrovićs from the island of Cres is going to die out with Cvetko after seven generations.
Because of his impotence caused by diabetes, 45 years old Cvetko has not managed to raise a family or have children of his own.

Impotence is the issue we read about in medical literature or weekly women’s magazines, but rarely do we find anyone admitting the problem publicly because impotence is often considered to be “a man’s shame”.
Cvetko talks openly about his frustrations and intimate problems. He is a passionate collector of porn movies because he has an obsessive interest in sex, despite of his troubles.


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Film Festivals and awards:

ZagrebDox 2007 - Regional Competition - Jury special mention (February 2007, Zagreb, Croatia)
5th Liburnija film festival (August 2007. Ičići, Croatia)

Directed by: Damir Terešak

Year of production: 2006

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 23'