Front page postman

A postman from Split, Tonči Katavić (31), suddenly disappeared without a trace in August 2007.
Apart from him, the sum of HRK 126.277,00 disappeared too.

Katavić had taken the money intended for the retirees, signed in for the company’s motorcycle and went ahead to do his job.
When he had failed to return to the postal office at 15:00 that day, the chief called the police.
Split police department started a search for the missing postman.  Soon they found out that Katavić had visited his ill, 8.5 months old daughter Ivana at the intensive care of the children’s hospital in Split on the day he had disappeared with the money.

The news started copious speculations in media, among which was the one that Katavić paid for his daughter’s medical treatment with the stolen money. While police was trying to trace Katavić, various witnesses started to call, who claimed that they saw him give the money away “of his own free will” to people he met. That is how a story started to go round, which won Tonči a nick name – Robin Hood.

Film Festivals and awards:

19th Days of Croatian Film (April 2010. Zagreb, Croatia)
8th Liburnija film festival- Audience award (August 2010., Ičići, Croatia)
11.Mediteran film festival, off spcial program (rujan 2010. Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Directed by: Tomislav Mršić i Tomislav Topić

Year of production: 2010

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 29'