Winter in Rio

In a suburb of Zagreb two homeless guys,
Grga and Mali live in a ruined bus.
Grga suddenly realizes that his daughter Monika comes to visit him from Frankfurt, where she lives with her mother.
They will see each other after 12 years and Grga, shocked as he is, finds a solution breaking into an empty flat owned by Rafael, his former best friend and fellow-soldier from the war who now deals with obscure, criminal-like jobs…


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Film Festivals and awards:

49.Pula film festival - Golden arena's for main actress, music score, art direction, costume design (July 2002. Pula, Croatia)
FilmFest Munchen (June 2003. Munchen, Germany)

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2002

Directed by: Davor Žmegač


Maxima film, HRT


Mustafa Nadarević
Leona Paraminski
Sven Medvešek
Žarko Savić
Enes Vejzović
Ranko Zidarić


Screenwriter: Davor Zmegac
Producers: Damir Terešak i Mirko Galić
Camera: Goran Trbuljak
Editing: Braco Podvorec
Costimography: Ruta Knežević

Distribution: MG Film

Running time: 87'