Production services

Many films are shot at locations that, because of its suitability, replaces the one authentic, often distant, and several thousand kilometers.

Croatia has, because of historical influences of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian architecture in the cities but is considering its geo-strategic location, security, diversity and beauty of the landscape, the potential in providing services for location filming.
Our personnel and technical resources by the quality meets European and world standards.
We will help ensure that the sites become attractive and affordable.


We have provided services organization shooting the following productions:

Mitsubishi – RedOrange (2005.)
A real princess – Phoenix (2004.)
Velvet and silk – ndF (Hanka Weiszflog) – Germany (2001.)
Blue bird – Bavaria Film (Hugo Leeb) – Germany (2001.)
Collapse – Multimedia (Beatrice Hallenbarter) – Germany (2001.)
Pinocchio (Martin Landau) – Kuchner & Locke – SAD (1995.)