An accidental son

Accidental Son is a visual document of Robert Zuber’s personal story.
Now a familiar TV personality, Robert grew up in a foster home. He had he never paid much heed to that fact, as his early life was full of warmth and care on the part of his foster parents. However, after his foster mother dies, the bureaucratic apparatus tries to convince him that he, in fact, has no parents.

On his 31st birthday, Robert decides to clear up his obscure parental and family roots. He contacts his biological mother and tries to find out everything that had happened to him in his earliest childhood. At the same time, he makes an attempt to decipher the identity of his biological father… embarking on a quest filled with surprises.

The film is a part of the UNICEF campaign named “Every Child Needs a Family”.


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Film Festivals and awards:

ZagrebDox- official programme (February2008. Zagreb, Croatia)
17th Days of Croatian Film - Best documentary film (March 2008. Zagreb, Croatia)
14. Sarajevo film festival - official programme (August 2008. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
9th Mediteran film festival - Audience award, 2nd prize (September 2008. Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Directed by: Robert Tomić Zuber i Tomislav Mršić

Year of production: 2007

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 54'