Ognjen Sviličić’s ‘These are the rules’ selected for 71st Venice Film Festival

Ognjen Sviličić’s fifth feature film, ‘These are the rules’, has been selected for the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival. This will also be its world premiere.

Horizons is one of the two competitive sections of the festival, which features latest trends in global cinematography and interesting new directors, as well as the established ones. The film being selected is already a great achievement, seeing that the festival received 1500 submissions this year.

Sviličić’s film revolves around a typical family from Zagreb: Maja and Ivo are nearing retirement and making ends meet, when one day their son Tomo is beaten up for no reason by a bunch of kids. Maja and Ivo have to face the biggest challenge of their lives.

‘These are the rules’ is a result of Croatian-French-Serbian-Macedonian co-production in co-operation with Croatian Radiotelevision and it will show in Venice on 29 August at 9 pm.