These are the rules

Ivo is a 50 year old bus driver. His spouse Maja is a housewife because of her high blood pressure. Their son Tomica is about to graduate from high school.
They live in an old socialist building in Zagreb and are content with their calm and ordinary life.

Ivo is an even-tempered and law-abiding man. Although living an average and quiet life, he has always had strong morals believing that no person should harm another and that no crime should go unpunished.
This is his main principle and the way he differs right from wrong.

His everyday life changes when Tomica comes home beaten up…



Film Festivals and awards:

Venice Film Festival best actor award in Orrizonti Competition August 2014
Busan International Film Festival October 2014
Haifa Film Festival October 2014
Warsaw Film Festival, best director award October 2014
Montpellier Cinemed October 2014
Abu Dhabi Film festival October 2014
Thessaloniki November 2014
Stockholm International Film Festival November 2014

Genre: Drama

Year of production: 2014

Directed by: Ognjen Sviličić


Maxima film (Croatia), Kinoelektron (France) , BIBERCHE production (Srbia), TRICE films (Makedonija) i HRT (Hrvatska radio-televizija)


Emir Hadžihafisbegović
Jasna Žalica
Hrvoje Vladisavljević


Director and screenwriter: Ognjen Sviličić
Producers: Damir Terešak, Janja Kralj, Svetozar Ristovski, Nikolina Vučetić
Executive producer: Hrvoje Habeković
Director of photography: Crystel Fournier
Editor: Atanas Georgiev
Scenography: Ivan Veljača
Costimography: Katarina Zaninović

Distribution: World distribution: UDI (Urban distribution Intl.), regional distribution: 2i Film

Running time: 80'