The premiere of the “1202” animated film


The premiere of the “1202” animated film will be held in Zadar on November 23rd, 2019. at the Zona Cinema in the Rector’s Palace.

As part of the Fourth Crusade, blackmailed by the Venice hundreds of ships with tens of thousands of crusaders, with almost ten thousand horses and hundreds of siege devices departed from Venice, on a quest to destroy the Catholic city Zadar with which Venice was in a loose truce at the time.
The film also follows the love story of a knight and monk Maj and head of the Benedictine monastery Kjona, the two of them catched by the whirlwind of destruction manages to find secret underground corridors leading to the sea and salvation from the crusaders and are bare witnesses to the pillage and destruction of their city.

Based on the novel 1202 by Frane Herenda
Director: Tomislav Gregl
Co-financed by the HAVC and the City of Zadar