The wrong exit

The story is inspired by true events. Tina and Frane have just gotten married.
While Tina is bringing up their daughter, Frane earns a living to support the family. Tina wants to continue her education.
Frane convinces Tina to stay home and take care of their daughter and the household. Tina tries to fit the role of a housewife and mother. Raising a child and socialising with other women in the neighbourhood makes Tina feel useless.
She eventually decides to continue her education. Frane disagrees, he becomes violent and wants to control Tina. They become emotionally distant but try hard to be seen as a happy family.
Their fights are frequent. In one of their fights Frane chokes Tina: defending herself, she stabs him with a kitchen knife.
Tina is accused of murder. Their daughter is given to Frane’s parents and Tina is not allowed to see her. The female judge sentences Tina to fifteen years in prison.

Genre: drama
Director: Vanja Juranic
Screenwriter: Vanja Juranic
Length: 90 min


With the support of the Creative Europe Programme – Media of the European Union