“Zagreb Cappuccino” exclusively screens at Cinema Europe

Croatian film Zagreb Cappuccino recently had its exclusive screening at Cinema Europe. The screening of the debut feature film by Vanja Sviličić was attended by film’s cast and crew, led by screenwriters Vanja and Ognjen Sviličić together with the leading actors Nela Kocsis, Mila Elegović and Igor Kovač.

The atmosphere was more than positive – the film was frequently accompanied by laughter and encouraging reactions. At the very end the director Vanja Sviličić spoke to the audience and expressed her gratitude to the leading actresses Nela and Mila, for managing to do justice to this strong female story.

The audience at the screening was extremely satisfied with the film, which resulted in a long-lasting applause. They were especially pleased with the fact that we now have our own female film, seemingly a chick flick but in reality much more than that.

The film premiered last year at the Pula Film Festival, where it has won a couple of awards –  a Golden Arena for Best Film Music and the Golden Birch award for the best debut for the director of photography Danko Vučinović.

The film was produced by Maxima Film, in co-production with Croatian Radiotelevision and supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC). Zagreb Cappuccino starts screening for a wider audience on March 19 at CineStar cinemas and later with the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network.

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