The mark of Cain

A severe knife murder occurred in Zadar, Croatia in March of 2005.
Lucijan Magaš was killed by his wife Ana Magaš, who committed the crime in self-defense.

Ana Magaš surely regrets her act. The sole knowledge, the plain fact that she took the life of her child’s father, is punishment enough.
Ana and Lucijan’s son  now lives with late Lucijan’s parents.
He hasn’t seen his mother for four years now. According to a social worker, the boy refuses to see his mother.
How does Ana cope with her choice, her mornings and her evenings? How does she see herself, carrying a stigma like that? What about the questions she has no answers to?

Psychologists, psychotherapists and experts can help to a certain extent. Still, will she ever able to see her child, hold him, and be the mother – no matter how hard she wants to turn things around?This film talks of a tragic destiny in an explorative way. It talks about a person, who becomes a monster over night.


Znak_na_Kajinu_naslovnaZnak_na_Kajinu_1 Znak_na_Kajinu_2 Znak_na_Kajinu_3

Film Festivals and awards:

ZagrebDox 2010 (March 2010. Zagreb, Croatia)
19th Days of Croatian Film (April 2010. Zagreb, Croatia)
8th Liburnija Film Festival (August 2010. Ičići, Croatia)

Directed by: Tihana Kopsa i Ljiljana Šišmanović

Year of production: 2010

Producer: Damir Terešak


Maxima film

Running time: 67'